Lake Heron

Explore the area around Lake Heron on these tracks - discover kettle holes, and views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Lake Heron, Mid Canterbury
Lake Heron, Mid Canterbury

About Lake Heron

This is the largest lake in the area. It was named by Thomas Potts, the first run holder of Hakatere Station and one of New Zealand’s earliest conservationists. 

Potts named the lake after the white heron/kōtuku, which were found around the shores. Unfortunately, only an occasional white heron/ kōtuku now visits the area, but the lake is still home to Australasian crested grebes/kāmana, marsh crake/ koitareke and Australasian bittern/matuku. Lake Heron (Ō Tū Roto) is popular for picnics, walks (both long and short) as well as fishing for trout and quinnat salmon (also known as chinook, king or spring salmon).




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These tracks are accessed from Hakatere Heron Road, about 31 km west of Mount Somers. Leave Mount Somers on Ashburton Gorge Road, then turn right into Hakatere Heron Road (23 km).