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We welcome hunters and anglers to Middle Earth... New Zealand! ...stalking your quarry in New Zealand's stunning alpine environments with a friendly and professional guide that ensures your success!


About Backcountry New Zealand Hunting & Fishing Guides

Welcome to the start of your next hunting or fishing experience in New Zealand - a sought after, fun and safe travel destination. 

A hunt or fly fishing trip in New Zealand is, in all honesty, a journey that is on most peoples bucket list... and those that have experienced a big game hunt or fly fishing trip with us over the past 30 years say that it is by far the experience of a lifetime. New Zealand hunting and fishing guides are renowned for their knowledge, experience, and friendliness when providing visitors with that memorable hunt or fishing excursion. 

These three attributes are the most important elements for anyone considering New Zealand as a holiday destination and looking for an outfitter. In order to achieve a successful and enjoyable hunt or fishing experience, we understand that you are needing to have FUN. The fun comes in many forms: such as watching a large brown trout slurp your dry fly from a crystal clear stream, or stalking a roaring Red Stag through the autumn mist waiting for your chance to inspect the animal further.... Or enjoying some fantastic New Zealand Pinot around a roaring open fire sharing the stories of the day with your guides and partners! But the fun doesn't stop there.... imagine sharing the 'Kiwi NZ' stories and pictures with your friends upon your return home, or your grandchildren in the future asking a thousand questions about the time you went to New Zealand. 

A trip with us will be more than a fun trip, it will be a lifetime of fun memories! Our professional guides have been in the industry since the late 80's, offering you vast experience in your hunt or fly fishing holiday planning. We also recommend quality guiding outfitters in other regions of New Zealand, to add to your holiday programme and remove for you any chance of getting a guide that is not best suited to your needs. 

New Zealand itself is a land of absolute beauty encompassing a very high quality of game species and large freshwater fish species. If you are searching for a genuine, friendly and personal New Zealand experience that focuses on quality from start to finish... then we will only be pleased to design and deliver that experience for you. That's our promise! 

We hope you enjoy learning about fly fishing and big game hunting opportunities in 'the youngest country on earth!': Don't forget to contact us with questions and secure prime seasonal dates! In the meantime, look through our site, explore some package options, watch some videos and galleries and if you like what you see then get us to provide a draft itinerary and quote to look over. We promise you a fantastic and fun experience!


From NZ$870 per day


7 Days



Located in Staveley at the base of the Southern Alps. Backcountry New Zealand Hunting & Fishing guides are close to Christchurch International airport (1 hr).