Discovery Jet

From an ancient volcanic gorge to the towering southern alps you will be in awe of the scenery and what is around every twist and turn on this magnificent tour.

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About Discovery Jet

For an adrenalin-pumping experience you'll never forget, jump aboard our Discovery Jet and blast along the ever-changing Rakaia River. You'll need to hang on tight as our driver skilfully weaves the jet board through the intricate network of braided river channels, skimming along stony banks and through gushing opalescent blue waters rich with salmon and trout. As you journey through the gorge, the wind ripping through your hair and water spraying with every carefully calculated twist and turn, soak in the dramatic scenery. Scrub covered hills give way to towering coal and limestone cliffs, in captivating hues of grey and brown, which have been carved out over millions of years. Spot the shags sitting atop the cliffs, poised to dive on their unsuspecting prey, and marvel at the grandeur of the snow-capped Southern Alps. Scream with excitement as the driver spins the boats 360 degrees and the magnificent scenery blurs before your eyes. Our driver knows the river like the back of his hand and will unveil to you all its treasures and provide you with access to spots others can only dream of. If you want time on you own, he can drop you off at one of the many remote islands or sandy beaches along the river where you can make your own fun or simply sit and savour the tranquillity and splendour of your surroundings.


15 minutes
$35 per child and $45 per adult

30 minutes
$55 per child and $79 per adult

45 minutes
$75 per child and $99 per adult

Children under 5 are free with a full paying adult.


7 days a week 8am - 5pm (weather and river conditions dependant)




We are located on State Highway 77 or the Inland Scenic route at the Rakaia Gorge. 1 hour from Christchurch near Mount Hutt Skifield and Methven Ski Village.