Shrek Jnr - The Musical

Fri 05 October 2018 - Sun 07 October 2018
5th and 6th of October at 7pm. 7th of October at 2pm.
Shrek Jnr - The Musical

About the event

Shrek the Ogre happily lives alone n his swamp.  After a bunch of fairy tale freaks arrive, banished from their city of Duloc, he heads off to claim his swamp back.  After meeting a new friend, side kick Donkey, he arrives to face Lord Farquaad, leader of Duloc. In order to reclaim his swam, Shrek must find a princess for Lord Farquaad to marry, so he can become King.  Donkey and Shrek set off on their quest and eventually escape from the dragon who is protecting the Princess Fiona.  Donkey discovers that Fiona has a curse placed on her which can only be broken by "true love kiss".  Shrek returns her to Duloc to claim the deed for the swamp. Will true love's kiss break Fiona's curse Will she be beautiful? are the freak's to be banished forever? has donkey found the Women of his dreams? We meet so many characters along the way and discover that true beauty comes from within and should all be celebrating our differences, rather than being ashamed by them.


Fri 05 October - Sun 07 October
5th and 6th of October at 7pm. 7th of October at 2pm.
All tickets $20.00 (fees apply)
Ashburton Trust Event Centre
211A Wills Street