Seven Deadly Stunts & The Messy Magic Adventure - Arts on Tour NZ - Open Hat Night

Thu 01 November 2018

About the event

(First Half) Seven Deadly Stunts (For Adults) is a nail-biting experience, inspired by the life and times of Harry Houdini. Escapology, chainsaw juggling, walking on broken glass and other famous feats are performed along with the stories of how they came to be. Exciting, terrifying and genuinely funny, join the dastardly duo of real life husband and wife Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman, for what could be the last hour of their lives… Interval (Second Half) The Messy Magic Adventure (for children and families). Spray and Wipe are two cleaners who have been hired for their most exciting job ever, cleaning a magician’s house! But when they accidentally let the magic out of its box, everything is turned topsy-turvy… “Plays out in a terrifically unexpected way… Highly recommended for big kids and little kids alike.” Theatreview


Thu 01 November
Open Hat Night! There is no need to purchase tickets prior to the event. Instead, guests are encouraged to come along to the concert and pay what they think the performance was worth to them, after the concert has finished. This is an initiative from ATEC to provide the community the opportunity to experience a live performance in our venue at a price they believe is “value for money”. We understand the cost of some performances requires the audience to take a huge leap of faith when deciding whether to attend or not, and that what you are going to see is worth your precious time and money. This is our way of allowing you to make a fair decision on what you believe the performance is worth and at the same time reassure you that our programmed events are well worth it. All of our Open Hat Nights will have high quality professional musicians or performers who are currently touring the country under the umbrella of Arts on Tour NZ. Gather some friends, family or neighbours... Try something new, give it a go!
Ashburton Trust Event Centre
211A Wills Street
Ashburton 7700